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by World Software Corporation

Worldox GX4 DMS, 
the market leader in document management, is currently being used by over 5500 customers in 52 countries and in just about every field:  law firms, manufacturing, education, financial services, logistics, government and many more.

LYNX chose Worldox  due to product quality & design, scalability, integration capabilities, and pricing.  So will you!  Worldox will help employees become more efficient and productive while putting control of documents back in the hands of your company or firm.


The goals of the LYNX Worldox Implementation Team are to provide
a solution that best fits the customer’s needs and to execute a smooth implementation.  Our ability to listen and understand our customers needs, requirements and the demands of today’s technologies ensure that these goals are met.



What makes a LYNX Worldox implementation so successful?

  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with your staff throughout the entire implementation.
  • Thorough analysis of your current set up.
  • Systematic and comprehensive planning and testing before deployment.
  • Data conversion (from another DMS) is performed by our technicians, not by a third party.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Customized training with materials tailored to your configuration.
  • Follow-up support and training.
  • Every step of the process is performed by Worldox Certified Integrators.
  • We provide guidance and hand-holding through the entire process to make the transition or conversion as painless as possible!

Not sure how document management will work for your business? 

A live demonstration of Worldox will begin the process of comprehending the power and simplicity of this user-friendly software.  It will stimulate conversation, questions and possibilities of how the management of your documents will affect your business.

When necessary, we will configure Worldox with your folders and data for demonstration purposes.  This step can be integral for first-time DMS users, or for the reconfiguration of a current setup, to help all parties involved in the decision process to understand both the configuration process and the end-user experience.

Reconfiguration of Current DMS

Is your current Worldox configuration working effectively for your firm or company?  Businesses grow and evolve.  Technology changes. Has your current DMS grown with you?   What worked for you 5, 10, 15 years ago may not be in line with the way everyone works today. If this is the case, we will listen to your concerns, analyze the current setup, and reconfigure it to meet your current and future needs.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration or just to get some information. At LYNX, we believe your success is our success. And that has been our philosophy for over 20 years!