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LYNX Computer Technologies installs and supports networks running literally hundreds of different software applications. The common thread among all of these companies is regardless of industry type or size they all have the same general networking requirement - A STABLE NETWORK PLATFORM. It is upon this platform that companies will then run their industry specific application software packages. As an example, law firms require document management software, service companies have scheduling software, manufacturing companies have job tracking software, schools have educational software, etc. Since LYNX has clients from many different industries we are well-versed in working with the software manufacturer to make the software work efficiently on your network. If there are issues we will work in conjunction with these companies to resolve the issues and get you back to work. We do this day in and day out for our clients and we do it exceedingly well.

LYNX is predominately a Microsoft shop and installs Microsoft platforms. We also sell and support many other software products. Our goal has always been to be a "leading edge" technology company providing proven solutions and not a "bleeding edge" technology company. Our recommendations are generally well-accepted and widely supported network solutions. Since we abide by "best practice technologies" our recommendations can be supported by any competent VAR or network administrator.

Currently we are authorized to sell and support the following product lines: 



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